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Going back at this blog I realize that this blog was very useful for extra research and understanding pop culture more. I also was able to learn more about my topic and how important it has been in the world today. I also was able to explore what others think of Jay-Z and violence in music. The TED Talks showed me that there are many different views on rap music and violence in general. Being able to see different videos showed me that people have different points of views in the world and that people think that rap music is a terrible thing in the world.

Overall, I have learned that there is a lot about rap music and Jay-Z in general that most people know. Most people know that he did not grow up a perfect child but he did make the most of it an has been making the most of it.


In this article, the author writes about how the rap industry exaggerates violence in there music. Jay-Z says that the violence and drug dealing does not happen every day. He also says that they did experience things that are normal to everyday people. He goes on to say that the reason why rappers exaggerate violence is so then the upper class can understand what they have gone through. This is important because it is important for the upper class to understand what the lower class has gone through and that their lives were way different.  

Jay-Z has been a rapper since the 1990’s and has been successful since his debut album Reasonable Doubt. This was an album mainly about his life as a kid growing up on the streets of Brooklyn and his early life as a crack dealer. He has now changed from that stereotype of rapping about drugs and violence to writing about racism and other topics. He shows this when he came out with the song “A Ballard for the Fallen Soldier”. This song is about him connecting the relationship between the racism toward young black men to terrorists and Al Quada post 9/11. The song says that before 9/11 young black men were feared by everyone because of the popular belief of them being involved with violence and drug deals. He says that when 9/11 happened that fear of black men changed to being focused on terrorists and Al Quada. He explains how black men went through that racism until 9/11 and the focus changed to Al Quada. This shows that Jay-Z has changed from writing mostly about violence and drug deals to other issues in the world including racism.

This TED Talk is about a song addressing a campaign to end violence against violence. The song is about how women are not objects and that they are real people with real emotions. This video also says that women should stand up against the violence and that it is not okay to abuse women. This important to my topic because violence is a big part of rap music today and violence should not be a part of music anymore. It is also important because violence against women is a specific theme of my topic and it should not be a part of music anymore.

In this TED Talk it is about this guy Hunter Bliss talking about whether or not rap music is good or bad. He explains how rap music is the worst influence on children and that certain messages like “smack dat ass” are terrible messages for children. He says this because hip hop and rap are the most popular genre of music. He also says that music is more about marketing and not about the emotions of the music. He also says that it is not inspirational anymore and is not good for our children and our culture.

MA presentation

My MA blog is based around things in pop culture that have been an influence in my life. I chose different things in pop culture that have influenced me from music, movies, sports, TV shows and influential people. I will be doing my topic on music specifically Jay-Z. I want to focus on him because I enjoy his music and I see him as an influential person in society.

Hello, my name is Kevin Thomas and this blog is for my English 101 class at Washington State University. This blog will also be based around Pop Culture and a paper I will be writing about. My topic is the violence portrayed in Jay-Z music. I will be focusing on sources that prove that his music is no longer violent and that it has changed over time. I will also show certain songs of his that prove that this has occurred through his music career. I plan on elaborating on how important these songs are to history as well.