Jay-Z has been a rapper since the 1990’s and has been successful since his debut album Reasonable Doubt. This was an album mainly about his life as a kid growing up on the streets of Brooklyn and his early life as a crack dealer. He has now changed from that stereotype of rapping about drugs and violence to writing about racism and other topics. He shows this when he came out with the song “A Ballard for the Fallen Soldier”. This song is about him connecting the relationship between the racism toward young black men to terrorists and Al Quada post 9/11. The song says that before 9/11 young black men were feared by everyone because of the popular belief of them being involved with violence and drug deals. He says that when 9/11 happened that fear of black men changed to being focused on terrorists and Al Quada. He explains how black men went through that racism until 9/11 and the focus changed to Al Quada. This shows that Jay-Z has changed from writing mostly about violence and drug deals to other issues in the world including racism.